Fear the Volcano God!

May 18, 2010

The British Airways strike looks like being called off because the unions did not publicise 11 spoilt ballot papers out of a total of 10,000 ballots cast in their strike vote.  This is a most welcome move as it means I can now come to SA courtesy of our national flag carrier and not by raft.  The only thing I fear now is the wrath of the angry Volcano God, he keeps the skies of Europe filled with ash as the hapless citizens try in vain to beg him for mercy.  Their piety is not in doubt but their inability to call him by his proper name, Eyjafjallajökull, means that their pleas go unheard.  When will you hear our cry Volcano God?  Where is Doug McClure when you need him?

On the pitch, Don Fabio continues his injury smokescreen, rumours that the spud faced nipper has overdosed on cow pies fill the airways as the odds for the Peter Crouch/Praying Mantis ‘robo-dance’ in the final lengthen.  Who will be the player of the tournament – my prediction is Kim Jung Ill, midfield supremo and creative inspiration for the North Korea side.

As Ceasar would say: Totus teams lascivio tunc germen lucror in poena tametsi vacuus Ballack is ero aliquantulus furta!

Dave Ambuscade, South London.


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