SAA should come to the 2010 party

November 7, 2008

A couple of weeks back during his 2010 preparation inspection visit, Sepp Blatter grumbled about the lack of visible marketing or advertising for the World Cup (and the Confederations Cup in 2009) – see here

One great way of advertising the event in South Africa would be for SAA (South African Airways) to paint the 2010 logo on the tail fins of their aircraft.  A row of brightly coloured logo-emblazoned aircraft sitting at Heathrow, Frankfurt, New York and other big cities would be great advertising – for the 2010 World Cup and SAA.

The national carrier had better move quick though.  Virgin or British Airways are bound to do something similar soon – there was a similar (albeit less prominent) marketing coup when BA became the carrier for the Springbok rugby team; much to SAA’s annoyance.


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