Our Glorious Boys in White

September 16, 2008

Following Capello’s earlier masterstrokes of ‘security sense lulling’ against the Czech’s and Andorra, Croatia fell easily into his pungi pit of preparation and pluck. 
The young gazelle Walcott gambolled through the leaden Croatian defence as General Tito rolled in his grave like a well spun Canadian log.  All hail the thrice goaled hero! 
Joe Cole’s one stride, two strides, three strides, oh-dear-I’m-bleeding-I’d-better-faint-with-eyeballs-rolled-up-into-my-skull-to-make-it- sacrifice further opened up the way for ‘Munich Revisited’.  All hail the blood soaked hero!!
And Wayne ‘Desperate Dan’ Rooney’s drought ending blast rubbed salt into a wound already the subject of intrusions from exotic alcohols and mis-applied leeches.  All hail the returning-to-form-and-about-bloody-time hero!!!
Onward, onward, proud livers of our vicarious dreams, onward to Belarus/Kazakhstan!


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