More Details on the new Durban Stadium

September 23, 2007

There was a good aerial photo of the construction progress at the Moses Mabhida stadium in the Durban Metro magazine a couple of weeks ago.  This was taken some time in late July/early August 2007 (photo by Peter Bendheim):

Durban Stadium - August 2007

 Here is some additional information on the facilities at the new Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban (this is from the Durban city website):

The Moses Mabhida stadium incorporates an impressive range of facilities and features, including:

  • Flexible seating capacity will provide 54 000 permanent seats but will allow for an additional 31 000 temporary seats to be added, for a maximum capacity of 85 000. For the World Cup, the stadium will seat 70 000.
  • The stadium bowl design provides for a multi-purpose facility that can cater for international football, rugby, athletics and concert events.
  • A 100m high arch which will possibly include a cable car and action walk.
  • A raised stadium podium will allow for easy, safe access to the site.
  • Pedestrians and vehicles will be kept totally separate.
  • Parking (1 000 bays) will be provided under the raised podium for operational requirements and VIPs.

4 Responses to “More Details on the new Durban Stadium”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow, this is amazing

  2. In my opinion the Moses Mabhida Stadium is the msot beautiful arena of this edition of the World Cup… It’s simply astonishing, beautiful, dreamlike!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    so gud siyabonga kakulu tata

  4. Anonymous Says:

    oh ma gosh.sihle so much let south africa fly to the clouds.remember darkie stop corruption neh

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