Mighty Estonia beaten by Plucky Brits

June 22, 2007

Mighty Estonia beaten by Plucky Brits

“And Alexander wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer…” is not a quote expected from, well, anyone in connection with the England Team any time soon.  It is just about possible that we will qualify for Europe but with McLaren’s back to the future style team selection even that is looking dodgy.  Yeah yeah, injuries etc but the lack of an effective successor to Mr Spice is exposing the lack of depth in the squad.

The situation is not helped by the Gerrard/Lampard debate.

Dave’s quick guide to football logic part one – Gerrard and Lampard are the same player.  Gerrard is better.  Pick Gerrard.  Put Lampard on bench as cover.  Have a midfield quartet of Hargreaves (Carrick as cover) then Gerrard (Lampard) with Joe Cole on left and Successor X on the right.  Leaves space for Neville (Richards) and for Ashley Cole and gives us two strikers.

Easy you might think but noooooooo…for some reason Lamps remains in the team even though everyone can see that he’s not good enough at the moment.

So, we go into the break in contention but not convincingly.  All still to play for and all still to lose.

Do you agree with Dave?

Dave says:
“Owen is over the hill.  Get Walcott on the pitch now and let him stay there.”

Dave’s team for 2010:

I will be merrily predicting the team for 2010 as we go – do you have an alternative?  It won’t be any better I can tell you.  You don’t get through a ‘leg’ of meths a day without picking some knowledge up young fella me lad.  Ahem, sorry about that, the leg has a mind of its own sometimes.  Anyway here’s my selection:

Foster; Richards; Terry; Carragher; Cole; Hargreaves; Cole; Gerrard; Lennon; Walcott; Rooney.

That’s it for now, time to get the leg out.


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